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At the core of my work lies the passion to assist women like you in cultivating a life that thrives with passion, authenticity and abundance.

I empower you to reconnect to your essence and live the best and truest version of yourself.

I help you to fall back into the flow of life – evolving and following your dreams and desires. Because in the flow is where you feel motivated and inspired to live a fulfilled life.

My programs follow a proven success method, a 3-step process that is based on my more than 20 year of experience:

Time: 4-weeks | Space: online

A 4-week intensive course for women who experience stress, overload, burnout and disconnection from their heart’s desires and their internal wisdom.

Re-connect to your essence and your body and fall back into the natural rhythm of life. By activating the ancient feminine archetypes you can stop the never-ending run and do things from a place of inspiration, abundance and balanced productivity.

Savour your life to the fullest, moment to moment, reconnect to your eternal wisdom and share it with the loved ones around you.

Time: 1-day intensive | Space: live circle

A full day full immersion coaching with deep exploration of your limiting beliefs and blockages around money and self-worth. Do you value yourself and what you do? Do you find it difficult to set the right price for your work?

Take a look at how many myths about money can be debunked and transform the personal lies about scarcity into a new vision of abundance and prosperity. Get to know a simple 4-step process to go from lack to lust.

Increase your self-worth, fall in love with money and prosperity and win the market with your real value.

Time: 12-weeks | Space: online

A powerful and transformative 3-month program for women leaders, who have lost contact with their immense power due to patriarchy.

Times ago priestesses, princesses, queens and amazons were being initiated into the wisdom, energy and soulful magic of female leadership. Many of these customs, rituals and insights have been lost and a lot of talented and aspiring women nowadays feel lost.. not knowing exactly their calling and how to live a heart & soul-led life.

Join this program and be initiated into who you really came here to be. Step back into your leadership power.

Time: 3-6 months | Place: online/in person
The Golden Age Queen is a one of a kind VIP Strategic Reset programme that everyone would love to have, but it is not a programme for everyone.
This program is for an exigent woman.


**1:1 coach just for you
**1:1 program tailored made for you
**1:1 unique & personified approach
**1:1 VIP strategic reset
If you find it difficult or impossible to set free from the intricate and complicated life you find yourself to live, let us explore together what is keeping you in the stuck and how we can start unleashing the threads that keep you there.

A 365 degrees review of your life, blockages that keep in stuck and your toughest challenges.

Break free, step back into your superpower and unleash the queen in you.


Join my Glamorous You Community

A safe space for reconnecting and sharing with glamorous women like you.

Be the Glamorous You and become a co-creator of the Glamorous You Life.

Connect with me here:


Feel glamorous & let yourself be seen and shine.

Attracting and magnetising abundance. This is your natural state.

Live your life passionately, feel your life with all your senses.

You came here equipped with the knowing of who you truly are and what you truly desire.

Femininity is living in the flow of life, following your instincts and creating beauty all around you.

Attracting and magnetising abundance. This is your natural state.

By bringing it back you can remember your true calling and passions and become who YOU want to be!

Glamorous You – a feeling of complete trust in yourself and life and letting go of restraints, fears and whatever is keeping you stuck.

Let yourself shine, let your essence be admired.

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