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It’s Alenka



My passion

Elevating your potential, unleashing your talents and having deep trust in your success. This is what I am passionate about and I am here to infuse this passion in my work with you.

My work with you

At the core of my work lies the passion to assist glamorous women in cultivating a life that thrives with success, abundance, and fulfilment. 

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Alenka, MBA in International Business, accredited life and business coach, trainee developmental trauma practitioner

A former corporate finance executive with a successful 20+year career turned entrepreneur, life & business empowerment coach and soon to be certified developmental trauma practitioner.

I was born & raised in the corporate world. This is where I took my first steps in business and entrepreneurship. This is where I grew, this was my home. This is where I achieved my first successes and wins. This is where I first saw my strengths and what amazing things I am able to achieve.

In the corporate world I first expressed my talents and gifts, which today I call superpowers. Here I have learnt how powerful I am and the influence I have. And here I have started to build my entrepreneurial future.

And this is also where I experienced some of the biggest disappointments. After a burnout I realised what compromises I am not willing to make any longer and who I do not want to become. It is here where I have first experienced the difference between feminine and masculine energy and how impactful these can be when working from one or the other. I have suffered injustices and witnessed division instead of unison.

I learnt through experience what workplaces should not allow and what they should promote instead.

It is a tough world.

But it can also give you an immense opportunity to grow, become resilient, learn about yourself, about what you do and do not want and who you truly are. In connection with yourself and with others. It shows you where your mind reaches its limits and pushes you to the path dictated by your heart. And from this magical place you can start tapping into your internal wisdom and making decisions coming from a special place called heart&soul.

The corporate world is your playground, pitch and stage, should you decide to see it that way. It can be your starting point. But it does not necessarily be the end point of your career. You can cherish this experience and grow through it for as long as necessary for you to receive a clear insight into what is your calling. What you are here in this world to do. 

You may find your job meaningless. Daily conversations limiting. This is the moment for you to go ahead. And make the change you are yearning for. This is the moment to connect with your heart&soul energy and start creating the life you are destined for. 

My experience in the corporate world allows me to coach you on the resources you already possess and how you can deepen them to achieve what you may not deem possible for you. And we can work together in exploring your calling, so that you can start truly enjoying and cherishing your work. Start cherishing your life.

Alenka is a music and dance enthusiast, loves to play with oracle cards and is passionate about travel, feminine archetypes & energy healing.

She promotes abundance in every day living and coaches you to re-connect deeply with all your senses and feelings. Through this reconnection you can make the most of this journey called life.


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This is your superpower. 

Femininity is living in the flow of life, following your instincts and creating beauty all around you.

Femininity is centred around healing your wounds and opening up to receiving. 

As a woman born in the previous millennium this part of you was most probably abandoned, put aside or prohibited. 

I help you liberate this superpower in you and let it shine in all its splendour and glory. 

 You start living an abundant life the feminine way.


You came here equipped with the knowing of who you truly are and what you truly desire. 

I help you reconnect with the goddess in you that knows how to envision, create and live your heart’s desires. 

The source of your work & being is your own energy. You stop depending on and start exchanging with others. 

Depletion, burnout and time-related stress are gone. 

Goddesses and Priestesses like Venus, the Rose and the Marys will inspire you on this path.


This is your natural state.

Feeling glamorous, letting yourself be seen and shine unrestrained. Attracting and magnetising abundance. 

By bringing back your natural glamorous state you start remembering your true calling, your passions and become who YOU came here to be! 

You start feeling a complete trust in life and letting go of restraints, fears and whatever was keeping you stuck.

Let yourself shine, let your essence be adored.


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