Unleash your 5 feminine superpowers

DEC 12 2023 @7 pm &
DEC 13 2023 @11 AM LISBON TIME

Thank you for joining me! In this free 90 min online event where I will share with you the secret

for stepping back into your feminine power

and start cherishing your fabulous life to the fullest!

DEC 12 @7 pm &


Meet Alenka

A former corporate finance executive with a successful 20-year career turned entrepreneur, life & business empowerment coach and soon to be certified developmental trauma practitioner.

“I was born & raised in the corporate world. This is where I took my first steps in business and achieved my first biggest successes and wins. 

And this is also where I experienced some of the biggest disappointments. After a burnout I realised what compromises I am not willing to make any longer and who I do not want to become.

"This is where it all changed."

have then embarked on an explorative and deeply transformative journey where I learnt the difference between working from the feminine and masculine energy. 

I took a leap of faith and started following the flow. I tapped into my own internal wisdom and began making decisions from a special place called heart&soul. I gained clarity on my essence, my talents and gifts and what my true calling is. 

I now coach badass women like you on the path of their own authenticity and empowerment. I help you tap into your own inner wisdom and create a life you deserve & desire. Without pushing and pulling – just allowing and attracting. 

"You start cherishing your fabulous life to the fullest..."

Alenka is a music and dance enthusiast, loves to play with oracle cards and is passionate about travel, feminine archetypes & energy healing.

She promotes abundance in every day living and coaches you to re-connect deeply with your senses and feelings. By helping you bridge the way to your authentic self you can make the most of this journey called LIFE.

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