Building Your Curriculum The Masculine Way?

Dear glamorous woman,

Remember the feelings when you started your first job all those years ago? Enthusiastic, motivated, confident.

Fast forward to now and most of that initial drive has worn out. When we lack growth in our profession and do not or cannot take on new challenges in an environment where we feel valued, fairly rewarded and creatively free our level of enthusiasm becomes exhausted fast.

On the opposite side there is something I call freedom. Freedom of creativity, freedom of sharing ideas, freedom of choosing and shaping your own career path.

This is the feminine way. Expressing, allowing, creating and magnetising. These are concepts I have rarely (if ever) seen in my 20-plus years’ corporate career. I have cross-bordered 7 different sectors, 7 enterprises through 3 different countries. All that time I had been looking for, searching for and yearning for that magic missing ingredient. And I could not put words to the “it” I was missing.

However, all this time I felt very strongly that what was missing was key for my wellbeing and growth in those corporate times. I have always known very clearly that I wanted to make a successful career, but was deeply unsatisfied with what I was experiencing in the corporate culture. It seemed like I wasn’t really fulfilling my calling and the enthusiasm for successes faded quickly, leaving a feeling of bittersweet emptiness.

I mostly felt like a fish out of the water. My vision of the ideal work place and my exact feelings of how I wanted to experience and live in the environment where I was spending half of my day was eons away from reality. And I felt very alone in these struggles. I had no one to talk to and when I was lucky enough that someone understood how I was feeling or what just wasn’t right for me, I was told that my vision of an ideal corporate environment is a utopia, because “this is how things are here”. They may had agreed with me or told me I was right, but there was always a “but…..” ending our conversations.

There are still a lot of enterprises out there built on “old” structures, values and culture. They may still be profitable, and in some ways efficient, but they are having a hard time retaining their most important asset. Their people. So many of my peers experienced burnout, stress, bullying, lethargy and were generally unhappy.

After work they were bringing all this home.

What is wrong in these environments? The processes, structures and systems are rigid and linear. Building blocks oftentimes based on exclusion. They lack space for creativity, growth or soft skills development. There is little space for the feminine approach and the patriarchic way is so infused in the corporate thought forms that is being sold as the only possible way.

The balance of feminine and masculine energy is the key ingredient that was and still is missing today. The balanced approach is needed not just for the women to rise again in this “golden age” millennia, but it is needed for men, too. The togetherness of polarities is what has always brought (r)evolutionary achievements, where the end-goal is as (or less) important than the pure joy we feel when we are on the way of getting there!

In 2023 we know how important our wellbeing is as we know the importance of a life being lived well. We are re-learning our mental forms, our vocabulary and the way we speak with ourselves, not just with others. We now have a much healthier relationship with our mind, body and soul. Science is giving proof on how far we can “stretch” our brains and we are beginning to understand vibrational energy. We know how strong manifestors we are and we are also learning to regulate our nervous system. The same way we also understand much more the differences and the importance of balance between the feminine and the masculine. Yet, there is still a long way to go for a lot of these  enterprises.

As Shonagh Rae says in her NY Times article ”From inclusion to support: How to build a better workplace” (full artivle available here) management can only succeed if it understands both the differences and similarities between the two genders. I call them simply energies due to different ways of engaging the energy: from outside and from within. In terms of basic career goals, both women and men may want the same, Rae says. However, societies must act in a way that also takes into account the differences between the two. As I have learnt (the hard way) what is important for a woman is to do things in accordance with her nature. She needs to “recharge” energetically to avoid stress and burnout. That is why flexibility, communication and action are needed to abolish or upgrade the old structures.

To all the glamorous women who find themselves tied up in the old structures, know that there is a way to do things for your highest good. And inspire others, too. In fact, the more we operate from our true nature and connected with our authenticity, the easier it is to nurture ourselves, our ways of being and our bodies. When we are recharged and not running on empty, that is when it is possible for us to create what we wish to offer to the world (and to our workplace). This is birthing creativity the feminine way… recharge with your fuel, your passion and know that in the not-so-long term this recharge will birth creativity, which will bring success, reward and even more passion in what you do.

If you want to learn more about:

  • how you can connect with your true feminine nature,
  • how to start living (and working) the feminine way,
  • how to recharge your energy,
  • how to reconnect with your feminine essence and
  • be passionate about what you do

then join me in this beautiful program Feminine Embodiment.

Thank you for being glamorous!


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